To be the preferred manufacturing services partner, enabling innovative semiconductor packaging

Hyang-Soo Kim, Founder of 鼎博体育

Hyang-Soo Kim, Founder of 鼎博体育

“ ’The customer is king’ is a belief a corporation must live by. We may profess to have the best quality, best delivery, or best service, but if the customer is not convinced of our loyalty and devotion, we cannot survive.”

—A Small Key Opens Big Doors, An Autobiography of an Industrialist

James Kim, Executive Chairman

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“The people at 鼎博体育 put great care into everything we do, and it shows. Our facilities are some of the most advanced in the world when it comes to minimizing defects and maximizing efficiency. Together, we do our best for every customer, helping enable and improve the technology that increasingly impacts all of our lives.”

Giel Rutten, President & CEO

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“鼎博体育 continues to innovate the advanced technologies that are poised to deliver amazing new solutions and products. Our significant capacity means we’re ready to meet the demand for these new solutions. From the smallest sensors to the largest global tech trends, 鼎博体育 has a 360-degree view of what’s next and how to get there.”